Past life

Oct 18, 2017

Both Simon and Tristan used to work at whitbybird, which became Ramboll. In 2006 Simon was on the winning team for the Gazprom Tower in St Petersberg, Russia. He spent the next 2 years working with RMJM to complete the design for what would be the tallest building in Europe. The project was put on hold for a number of years but was re-started in 2011 and is now on site nearing completion. The design was taken up by the Russian company Gorproject keeping true to the original RMJM design.

It is now called the Lakhta Tower and there are some great YouTube films of the construction, click here to see one.

There is also a great Vimeo video, click here.

Below are Simon’s original kitchen table competition sketches that tested the architectural concept and came up with the lateral stability system for the tower – a core and outrigger system. Simon’s original idea of a concrete core and steel structure have been adopted in the final build.

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