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Wesley House Stairs

Nov 25, 2017
Sometimes it’s the small details that make a project and there are many of these at our Wesley House project in Cambridge. Cantilever stone gutters and brickwork, slender window struts, bronze oriel windows and staircase balustrades that we load tested
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Tall Timber 2

Oct 22, 2017
Smith and Wallwork has been working with PLP and Cambridge University on a tall building proposal for The Netherlands. The scheme is 125m tall and 32 storeys. A double layer inclined column structure wraps around the building to create a
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Hammersmith Cracked Facade

Aug 07, 2017
Our latest collaboration with Alex Chinneck is unveiled in London. The three storey high sculpture creates the illusion of a cracked brick facade. Images copyright Alex Chinneck
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CUBC finished photos

Jun 20, 2017
Our first commission at Smith and Wallwork in July 2012 was the new Cambridge University Boat Club at Ely. After a number of years of fund raising, complex permissions and approvals and a two phase construction process the facilities were
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Invisible truss

May 21, 2017
Our designs for the Stephen Perse Foundation incorporates a world first (we think)….a flitch truss or wall. Smith and Wallwork used the principle of a timber flitch beam and scaled it up to incorporate a thin steel plate truss sandwiched
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Should engineers think about construction sequence?

May 12, 2017
Our industry is being challenged to DfM (design for manufacture) and DfD (design for de-construction) but what about DfC (design for construction)? Perhaps the immediate response is it is happening anyway, one part of our CDM duties – but in
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