CLT Bridge


A cross-laminated timber (CLT) bridge designed to cross
the River Cherwell in Oxford.

A simple idea was conceived — to laminate three panels of CLT together to form a curved 3-pin arch. The deck is slightly raised off the CLT laminated arch to form a gentler walking surface. The deck also acts to protect the CLT from the elements.

The span is just 33m which means the two arch halves can be delivered using standard road transport. With each CLT arch section weighing just 10t the structure can be easily craned using a dual simultaneous lift, or a single braced lift. The total weight of the structure is 25t — not bad considering it can support a live loading of nearly 50t.

The cost of the CLT bridge structure was estimated at £50,000 with additional cost for abutments, surfacing and balustrades.

Download our 3D SketchUp model here.