Timber tower

A theoretical research/design exercise was carried out in 2011
with Michael Ramage and Patrick Fleming from Cambridge University Architecture Department, during our time at Ramboll. The idea was to try to design a timber high rise.

The resulting paper formed part of a much larger research project looking at the modification of timber using different types of polymers. Our part of the research looks at the larger scale — What could the modified timbers be used for in construction and what characteristics of timber would we want to influence?

By setting ourselves the task of designing a 200m tall residential tower using cross-laminated timber panels, we were able to find the failure points of the timber structure. These failure points, and the type of failure, are informing the next steps of timber modification.

A paper on the project was presented in Finland at
the Alvar Alto Annual Conference.

Fleming, P., Ramage, M.H., Smith, S. “Super Tall Timber” in High Rise Shuffle — 4th International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Modern Architecture,
eds. A. Ahlava and E. Laaksonen, Aalto Academy, Helsinki, 2011, pp 32-40