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Hammersmith Cracked Facade

Aug 07, 2017
Our latest collaboration with Alex Chinneck is unveiled in London. The three storey high sculpture creates the illusion of a cracked brick facade. Images copyright Alex Chinneck
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Pylon is up

Sep 18, 2015
After a busy few weeks Alex Chinneck’s pylon installation opens. The Smith and Wallwork designed structure sees nearly 13t of steel balancing on a single steel pin – all restrained by four pre-stressed cables and held down by 175t of
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Pylon project announced

May 13, 2015
Smith and Wallwork is working with artist Alex Chinneck to create a significant new installation for the London Design Festival. The installation involves the fabrication and erection of a 35m electricity transmission tower…but installed upside down and leaning at an
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Covent Garden wonder

Oct 03, 2014
Smith and Wallwork engineer Covent Garden sculpture described as ‘sensational’. Our work with artist Alex Chinneck continues with this most ambitious project to date, a 12m long hovering building with no foundations. We designed a 5t steel frame armature and
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Smith and Wallwork in the press

Sep 30, 2014
The Melting House is featured on the AJ website. Smith and Wallwork worked closely with the artist Alex Chinneck to devise a roof that can be lowered as the wax brick wall below is melted….at the same time as stabilising
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Art and engineering

Aug 31, 2014
Smith and Wallwork are collaborating with artist Alex Chinneck on two London installations. Steel, timber, polystyrene and wax are being used to create ambitious sculptures that are sure to generate a stir. We hope to be able to bring you
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