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Oct 07, 2017
Smith and Wallwork have been tracking their engineering materials use over the last 5 years. It makes fascinating reading seeing what materials go where. We have designed and delivered nearly 50,000m2 of buildings and used approximately 15,000t of concrete, 5,000t
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Forest visit

Feb 19, 2014
Foresters, joiners and engineers join forces to identify Holkham Estate trees for felling. Smith and Wallwork has proposed using timber from the Estate to create a new roof to the old potteries. Eighteen bow string trusses are proposed using structural
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Sandbag Structure

Mar 12, 2013
Smith and Wallwork are collaborating with Roz Barr Architects on a potential installation at this years Venice Biennale. The installation proposes the careful arrangement and stacking of some 17,000 sandbags to create a piece of public art, a large courtyard
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Lean thinking

Mar 10, 2013
A new concrete structural floor system is presented at Ecobuild. Holedeck is a hollow cassette type structural floor that utilises re-useable shuttering to enable onsite construction. The hollow nature of the system not only means less concrete it also enables
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Material efficiency – more with less

Jan 28, 2013
A wide ranging and thought provoking paper on materials efficiency has been published by the Royal Society in its philosophical transactions. The paper, by lead author Julian Allwood of Cambridge University, is available for download here. Under the backdrop of
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