At last month’s Timber Expo the Norbord stand featured Icarus, a wonderfully colourful piece of artwork by Alex Chinneck.

Alex is an artist and sculptor whose work explores the materials we use in construction, take a look at his website here to challenge your perception of the materials we use.

Other artists such as Richard Serra also successfully create art installations using construction materials, massive steel slabs that balance in cities, parks and buildings. Some would say his work is a reminiscent of the accidental (but highly controversial) art that is a by-product of the Bangladesh ship breaking industry.

At Smith and Wallwork we are keen to see collaboration of artists and engineers; not just making a sculpture stand up but helping to inform the design through engineering thinking. Watch this space for news of a future collaboration with Alex Chinneck and Smith and Wallwork.

Images courtesy of Alex Chinneck, Richard Serra and Edward Burtynsky