Cambridge University Engineering Departments new Civil Engineering building was completed in 2019. It is the first building of the Departments bold plans to move to the West Cambridge campus. Smith and Wallwork pioneered the use of the Energy Cost Metric in the selection of the structural frame for the building – adopting the least energy intensive frame option (embodied energy, transport energy and potential reclaim energy). Design for Deconstruction (DfD) also influenced the design of the structure.


Our work extended to the design of a 500t post tensioned strong floor, including the design of large scale ‘lego’ and ‘meccano’ elements for the Department to carry out load testing as part of their research and teaching programme. The vibration generating activities within the new building were in danger of disturbing adjacent vibration sensitive labs. In the feasibility stages of the project, we developed a bespoke vibration survey method to establish the feasibility of locating the new building close to Graphene Centre.


The new building is instrumented with a number of sensors to monitor structural loading and also water flows from the blue green roof.