In March 2017 the first CLT panels arrived in Glasgow for the start of CCG’s new 7 storey development, named the Yoker project.

Smith and Wallwork has engineered the CLT structure and all its connections and Eurban are installing StoraEnso panels over a 10 week period. The 7 storey CLT structure will be Scotlands tallest timber building when complete. Importantly the design uses standard platform construction methods with no special measures required to stiffen the platform junctions against crushing.

The 3700m2 CLT structure has been designed with efficiency in mind – using only 1075m3 of wood, equivalent to 0.29m3/m2.

The project will be subject to research work by Napier University and Cambridge University – looking at building lateral accelerations and damping.

Napier University Institute for Sustainable Construction has written about the project here.