This week the UK Parliament launched a cross party inquiry aimed at getting Britain Cycling. Here at Smith and Wallwork we will be making sure our pro-cycling views are known to the inquiry.

We were surprised to see that only 29 MP’s have signed the early day motion; even more surprising that only 4 London MP’s signed when you think how much London could benefit from people getting out of cars and on to bikes.

With modern cycle clothing and modern cycle lighting there is no reason why cycling can’t be a year round commuting and short journey solution. All we need to make cycling even more practical are shops that sell proper bikes with mudguards, racks and Dutch style frame locks. Exciting developments in battery and control technology mean that pedelecs (electric assist bikes…assist being the key word) will soon make commutes of up to 10+ miles a viable option for all.

With such a bright future for bikes one can only hope that our government might also encourage investment cycle manufacture in the UK?

To take part in the Times cycle safe survey that will inform the inquiry click here.