Our industry is being challenged to DfM (design for manufacture) and DfD (design for de-construction) but what about DfC (design for construction)?

Perhaps the immediate response is it is happening anyway, one part of our CDM duties – but in an industry where time is money and fees are tight, it can be easy to lose sight of the benefits of design for construction.

At Smith and Wallwork, DfC is central to our thinking when we first sit down with an architect to discuss a new project. One such example is the new river crossing at Northampton. SaW worked with MCW architects and CH2M engineers to design a new road bridge. Inspiration came from Maillart arches but concrete proved too heavy for a dual lift when we consulted online crane data…hence our reasoning for developing a steel arch design.

Play spot the difference with our 2013 construction sequence sketch and the 2016 site install photos.

Images courtesy MCW Architects and CH2M