As a structural engineer you may be able to say that your steel frame has been designed to accommodate all service runs. You may even be able say that you have a full structure/services integrated BIM model.

So what is a mixed mode ventilation system and when is it best employed? What is the difference between a chilled beam and a fan coil unit? How much energy will the new building use…and how does it compare to the embodied energy of the building?

Some of the answers to these questions and more are answered in BSRIA’s updated ‘Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Building Services’. The Designing Buildings Wiki website is also a useful knowledge base. If you are interested in embodied energy take a look at Prof Allwood’s excellent ‘Sustainable Materials’ publication.

At Smith and Wallwork we believe the best designs come from collaborative work between engineers, being able to understand and sometimes challenge each others engineering ideas can only be positive.

Stay tuned for future posts on what engineers should know about architecture…and what they can learn from studying the history of their own profession.