Smith and Wallwork have been invited to speak on timber engineering at three venues in early 2013.

In January we will be speaking in London at the Building Centre as part of the TTF Engineered Timber Series. Hybrid structures will be the focus with Smith and Wallwork giving an overview of how timber structures can work in harmony with steel and concrete. Click here for more details.

In February we will be speaking at the Solid Wood Solutions conference at the National Motorcycle Museum in Coventry. This talk will look at cross laminated timber and ask whether it is an efficient use of our only renewable construction resource, should we use less to build more? Click here for more details.

Finally, in March we will be delivering the first in a series of talks in East Anglia, hosted by Adapt, part of the UEA’s Centre for the Built Environment. As well as talking about engineered timber in general we will be looking at whether local timber could be used in construction projects in East Anglia – making reference to the pioneering work currently underway at UEA’s Enterprise Centre which hopes to use Thetford Forest timber. Click here for more details of ADAPT.