This week CEMEX announced that it is likely to close one of its three cement production plants due to increasing costs of energy and environmental legislation in the UK. (Building 28.09.2012)

Looking at the statistics, the proportion of cement imported to the UK has increased by 5% in the last five years – a trend that is only likely to increase if others follow CEMEX’s lead.

All energy intensive industries in the UK face the same challenge, the introduction of emissions trading and carbon floor prices (part of the UK’s world leading CO2 reduction targets) could make UK industry less competitive than international competitors.

Home grown cement accounts for nearly 85% of cement used in the UK, concrete is one of our most local building materials. If it is going to stay that way investment in research is urgently required, looking at ways in which to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of cement production.

Whilst our tough environmental targets should be praised we need to take a close look at whether there is enough private and public investment available to support the research required to keep cement production in the UK.

Another reason CEMEX should not leave the UK – it’s cycle safety campaign has been industry leading, training its lorry drivers and cyclist to share the roads with more care.

Cement statistics obtained from BIS website, click here to link to website.