The roots of our 2012 Olympic success can be traced back to 1996, our Atlanta performance (or rather lack of) acted as a catalyst for some visionary leadership and investment in UK sport. So how does our number 1 spot in European sport compare to our standings in say business and education?

Comparing the UK with Germany we all know now who comes out top in sport (and music). Take a look elsewhere and it would seem the UK is in urgent need of some long term post Atlanta thinking from 1996.

It should all start with education, not just University but vocational training (2011 youth unemployment UK 20%, Germany 9%). Training should concentrate on engineering; making and fixing things ready for when the UK leads the renewable energy league table (2010 renewable energy generation UK 3%, Germany 10%). Providing a more balanced UK income; less dependence on our financial industry and more on tangible industry would also reduce our UK current account balance (2010 CAB UK -$70bn; Germany +$150bn).

It is unfortunate, but only UK Government are able to change the status quo…why not write to your Prime Minister and tell him ‘Let’s not stop at sport’…I have.